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The Missouri Department of Labor offers training in the form of materials and presentations on topics for your business, organization and workers. To request training, please fill out the request form below.

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The Missouri Department of Labor’s programs and application of law effect every business and employee in the state. This presentation will provide an understanding of the programs and services we provide, including unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation. 
Human Rights

Staff from the Missouri Commission on Human Rights (MCHR) offer in-person and virtual presentations on a variety of human rights related topics. The presentations are fee-based to help provide an additional funding stream for MCHR’s outreach. Businesses and organizations alike can benefit from learning about the Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA). The MHRA overview can provide a great foundation for other presentations, including those on discrimination, public accommodations, housing and disability awareness.

Presentations on human rights topics are available for a fee through this Missouri Human Rights Commission request form.

Unemployment Insurance
Confused about the difference between an employee and a contractor? This presentation provides an overview of the standards used when determining a worker's classification for unemployment insurance. Participants will learn the twenty factors used to evaluate the working relationship as well as required records.
This presentation provides an overview of the Shared Work program as a cost-effective alternative to a layoff and a practical means of retaining employees when business slows, whether due to inclement weather, stagnant customer orders or even a plant expansion. Participants will learn how both large and small employers in any industry, employees and local economies benefit from the Shared Work program. The presentation can be customized for employees, business groups or even specific industry groups. 
This presentation details the unemployment insurance process. If you recently lost your job through no fault of your own, are unable to work due to a natural disaster or quit for good cause related to the work or the employer, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. Eligible claimants may receive up to 20 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits through the state.
Workers' Compensation
Designed to help healthcare providers, employers, and insurers navigate the Medical Fee Dispute program, medical charges, and requirements under the Workers’ Compensation Law, this presentation outlines both the differences between “Reasonableness” and “Direct Pay” medical fee disputes and how the Medical Fee Dispute program can be utilized for outstanding charges and fees for treatment and services provided to injured workers.
The Line of Duty Compensation Act provides benefits to the survivors of air ambulance pilots, air ambulance registered nurses, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and survivors of air ambulance registered respiratory therapists, flight crew members, and public safety officers, who are killed in the line of duty. This presentation explains the provisions of the law allowing survivors to file a Claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation and the creation of a distribution plan for compensation payment.
Participants in this presentation receives an overview of the various docket settings and applicable request forms provided by the Division of Workers’ Compensation. 
This presentation provides a general overview of the Workers’ Compensation System and can be customized to focus on the particular concerns of employees, employers, insurers, health care providers, or others.
This presentation from the Workers’ Compensation Fraud and Noncompliance Unit will assist employers, insurance companies and Third-Party Administrators in combating fraud and avoiding costly mistakes, fines and prosecutions.
Wage and Hour Laws
The Wage and Hour Standards presentation provides information about minimum wage, breaks, vacation, overtime, and employment relationships. The Youth Employment presentation can help employers, school officials, parents, and public interest groups learn about their rights and responsibilities under the child labor law. 
Workplace Safety
Get a closer look at everyday tools and work environments and let the experts shine a light on hidden dangers. A total of 30 different workstations present real hazards found in various industries. Due to large display requirements and extended set-up times, this is recommended for large groups or conferences.
This presentation provides an overview of the On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program and the Safety and Health Recognition Program (SHARP). You’ll learn about achieving OSHA compliance as well as how to implement a workplace safety and health management program.
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