Public Works Guidebook

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Compliance with Missouri’s Prevailing Wage Law is important to our state and vital to your business when working on public works projects, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or overly difficult.

The Public Works Guidebook is a collection of everything you need to complete your public works projects in accordance to the law in one place. It includes checklists that take you from submitting your bid to writing your contract and completing your project, links to any forms you will need along the way and the law itself for your reference.

We value the contractors and elected officials who work hard to improve our communities by bettering our school buildings, roads and bridges, parks systems and other public assets.


The checklists here will take you through your public works project from the moment it is bid until the final paperwork is completed. There are two checklists to guide you, one for public officials and one for contractors


You will need the following forms throughout your public works project.


For your convenience and reference, below are links to Missouri’s laws pertaining to prevailing wages and public works projects.