Missouri Workers' Safety Program

The Missouri Workers’ Safety Program helps employers improve workplace safety, reduce workers’ compensation insurance premiums, and regulate safety services provided by insurance carriers.


We work to ensure that Missouri businesses have access to individualized safety and health services. There are three ways for an employer to receive service:

  1. Your workers’ compensation insurance carrier must provide you with individualized safety assistance at your request. Ask your carrier about these services today. If you feel that your carrier is not providing you with adequate service, contact the Missouri Workers’ Safety Program.
  2. The Missouri Workers’ Safety Program maintains a list of certified safety consultants and engineers that can offer you independent services.
  3. The Missouri Workers’ Safety Program offers free safety and health services to Missouri businesses. Contact us today for additional information. Complete a Request for Services (WSP-6).

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carriers

Are you a new insurance carrier or looking to provide workers’ compensation insurance in the state of Missouri for the first time?  You will need to establish a program to address the worker safety and health needs of your insured employers.  Contact the Missouri Workers’ Safety Program about certifying your safety engineering and management program. These programs are recertified annually on June 1.

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Safety Consultants and Engineers

Would you like to be included on our registry of certified safety consultants and engineers? While certification is not required to work as a safety consultant in Missouri, some workers’ compensation insurance carriers may ask that you be certified in order to perform work under their Missouri Certified Safety Engineering and Management Programs.

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Self-Insured Businesses and Self-Insured Group Trusts

The Missouri Workers’ Safety Program works to ensure that employers seeking to be self-insured have acceptable safety programs that meet the requirements for self-insurance. Check out the Individual Self-Insurance or Group Trusts pages for additional information on self-insuring your workers’ compensation liabilities.

Physical Rehabilitation Facilities

Are you a rehabilitation facility looking to be certified by the Second Injury Fund? The Missouri Workers’ Safety Program will perform a safety visit at your facility as part of the application process. Check out the Second Injury Fund page for additional information.

Required Safety Training

If you are looking for information about safety training requirements for public works projects, visit our Required Safety Training page.